Before learning the solution on how to deal with rat infestation, you might want to read first interesting facts about them:

The existence of rats can be traced millions of years before humans and their population today is twice as ours. These creatures have been living almost all over the world. They are considered omnivorous and larger ones are able to chew even through metal and concrete. Yes, you read that right! Their adaptability is definitely exceptional since they can survive in the toughest environment.

Did you know that a group of rats is called “mischief”? No wonder that’s the case, since rats are well-known carriers of diseases. Among these diseases, leptospirosis has become the most common rodent disease here in the Philippines, giving way to the ‘flood equals leptospirosis’ mentality during typhoon seasons. Leptospirosis is usually transmitted to humans through rats and their urine.

There are a lot of ways on how to get rid of rats, some of them are the following:

  1. Prevent the entry points – seal off gaps in walls and ceilings

  2. Proper sanitation – clean all the surroundings and remove food sources

  3. Treating the areas – install baits and rodent traps to stop them from spreading diseases in the household

  4. Monitoring - for possible re-infestation

The Pest Centre by Environet provides rat control service that offers the above-mentioned ways on how to get rid of rats. We provide eco-friendly pest-proofing solutions, as well as solutions to maintain a healthy, clean environment for your family. Get Environet; get peace of mind.

To book a rat control service, you can do it in three (3) easy options:

  1. Search and install ‘The Pest Centre’ on Google Play Store

  2. Scan the QR code in the photo to download the app

  3. Visit

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